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The Libertus Scrinium packages together the leading Open Source enterprise content management (ECM) solution from Alfresco with the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu, a suitable hardware platform, and professional services from The Open Learning Centre.


Alfresco Web Site

Alfresco is the world's leading Open Source enterprise content management solution. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services for organisations to cost-effectively manage the storage, user authorisation, access, change-control and collaboration of their ever-increasing plethora of digital information.

Traditionally, document management or ECM has rarely been used outside of very large corporations and public institutions. Proprietary products are typically very expensive and difficult to operate. This is no longer the case thanks to companies like Alfresco.

By using Open Source, Alfresco manages to successfully combine some of the best freely available components, such as Java, Tomcat and MySQL with their own engineering skills and a global community of users and contributors to help innovate, develop and improve the product. The Alfresco LabsTM edition is freely available and GPL licensed. This encourages people to try, use and contribute to the product.

ECM Functions

Alfresco builds on existing Open Source technologies and uses Open Standards to provide access thus eliminating the single vendor lock-in scenario that other platforms such as Microsoft's SharepointTM suffer from. And right down to individual records in the Alfresco repository, user access, logging and versioning can be applied so as to maintain complete control and history of your information. This applies to all records too, Alfresco handles any digital information in virtually any format. Layering on top of the repository and access mechanisms is comprehensive workflow management enabling the application of your organisation's processes onto your information management system; you are not required to alter your processes to fit that of your ECM. The end result of deploying an ECM system like Alfresco can be improved communication, less errors and mistakes, better collaboration between your stakeholders and consequently improved performance overall.

The Libertus Scrinium from The Open Learning Centre provides you with probably the fastest time-to-deployment of any ECM system around. For the SME, Charity or smaller public sector organisation an ECM has traditionally been completely out-of-reach simply due to cost, but not any more. For larger organisations wishing to implement a trial or pilot system, the Libertus Scrinium is a fast, no-risk way to get a platform up and running. Obviously, to get from deployment to a full production system is not going to happen overnight, so The Open Learning Centre can help you with ongoing support, training and consulting and commissioning services.

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