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Libertus Appliance

The Open Learning Centre proudly presents Libertus; a turnkey packaged appliance concept that uniquely combines Hardware, an Open Source Operating System, Application Software and Professional Services into one simple and extremely cost effective solution.

By combining modern energy-efficient hardware, pre-installed & configured best-of-breed Open Source Software, and our expert services, Libertus ensures that you will be up and running with your chosen service-platform in the fastest possible time.

For example, do you need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), or a Document Management solution for your organisation? There is a Libertus solution that delivers enterprise functionality, pre-packaged and installed for much less than you imagine...

The individual Libertus packages are as follows (please click on the Model Name for further details):

Model Name Service Provided Availability
Eruditus Virtual Learning Environment Now
Socialis Social Networking Platform Soon
Transactio ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Now
Scrinium Document Management Now
Communico Blogging Farm Soon
Bibliotheca Wiki Soon
Cognatio CRM Now
Cura Website Content Management soon
Produco Email Marketing Now
Fabrica Software Development and Forge Soon
Porta Internet Gateway Device (Proxy and Content Filtering) Soon
Oratio Messaging and Collaboration Soon
Converto Voice over IP Telephone Exchange Soon


Every Libertus package includes the following standard features:

  • Consulting: We work with you to identify the appropriate appliance and assess your current infrastructure to ensure a smooth and trouble free implementation.
  • Hardware: You get the physical server to run and deliver the service associated with the particular model you have chosen.
  • Software: The server comes pre-installed and configured with a combination of the Ubuntu Linux Operating System and the relevant appliance software.
  • Implementation: A member of our team will visit to install and configure the Libertus server, in your location of choice, so it is operational and accessible from your network.
  • Customisation: We will undertake a preliminary level of customisation and setup where appropriate. For example, we might modify the colour scheme and add your organisation's logo to the appliance's user interface.
  • Demonstration & training: You will be able to start using your new service immediately after the expert-led introductory training and demonstration. Additional training courses available on request.

Additional Services

The Open Learning Centre offers additional services if required. Here are some examples of what can be provided:

  • Maintenance: A support contract can also be purchased to provide help, assistance and trouble shooting via email/telephone/instant messaging etc.
  • Remote Backup: We strongly recommend and offer to take nightly, automated backups of your appliance software for safe storage on one of our own servers. So should the worst happen, you have access to a very recent copy of your appliance's data.
  • Hardware Replacement: We also offer to provide a rapid hardware replacement service so in the event of a disaster of any kind we will build, test and dispatch a new Libertus server as soon as we possibly can (usually 2 working days). If you have subscribed to the remote backup service, the replacement Libertus will be supplied running with your most recent backup data too.
  • Other: Additional work such as system integration, application customisation and more in-depth training can be provided. Please contact us to discuss.

The following page contains more technical details and specifications of the Libertus.

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